Dedicated to the greatest fucking girl group of all time, The Supremes.


The Supremes in Puerto Rico, 1966

Diana Ross and The Supremes, 1968

The Supremes, 1964

TCB special, 1968

The Supremes, Date unknown 

The Supremes, 1965

Rare pictures of Diana Ross and The Supremes performing at The Hollywood Bowl, 1968/1969

Diana Ross and The Supremes in Amsterdam, 1968 

The Supremes arriving in London, 1965 

Fri, 22nd August   202

The Supremes preparing for a show at The Apollo, by Bruce Davison, 1965

(VIA Magnum Photos)

Song: All I Know About You
Artist: Diana Ross and The Supremes
Album: Reflections

Diana Ross and The Supremes- All I Know About You (Reflections, 1967)

Mon, 04th August   254

The Supremes, 1964