Dedicated to the greatest fucking girl group of all time, The Supremes.

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The Supremes preparing for a show at The Apollo, by Bruce Davison, 1965

(VIA Magnum Photos)

Song: All I Know About You
Artist: Diana Ross and The Supremes
Album: Reflections

Diana Ross and The Supremes- All I Know About You (Reflections, 1967)

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The Supremes, 1964

Mon, 28th July   17

Diana Ross and The Supremes in London, 1968

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The Supremes in Paris, 1968.

Actually it was 65, not 68.

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The Supremes, 1970s 

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Diana Ross and The Supremes, 1968

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Diana Ross and The Supremes in London, 1968

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The Supremes, 1966

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I think this pic is so cute lol. Not sure what year it was taken.

In Hamburg, Germany, where the Supremes appeared on television, the “Hamburger Abendecho” gushed that they are “America’s sweetest girls, “with “voices dear as bells” and who are “slim and supple like pussy willows.”

I find things like this interesting.
what are all the songs mary sang lead on?

  • Come and Get These Memories
  • Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You
  • Our day Will Come
  • It Makes No Difference Now (shared lead)
  • Falling In Love With Love (shared lead)
  • Breathtaking Guy (Small verse)

Mary didn’t start singing more till after Diana left.